Unique Projects


In the Winter of 2018, RKS was approached by Powder River Development Services to provide the structure mapping, engineering and modification drawings for the addition of a HF antenna onto an existing building rooftop structure in Seattle, WA. The existing rooftop structure was originally designed for, and still supported, old AT&T long line microwave dishes. In order to achieve the desired RAD height, RKS designed two 12”Ø pipe segments totaling 37’. The segmented pipes are supported at two levels on the existing rooftop structure. 

In the Fall of 2019, we were approached again to produce a new design and modification drawings requiring the existing HF antenna to be moved higher as well as adding another HF antenna. These antennas will need to be serviced therefore the client proposed a crank-up tower. The analysis of the existing supporting structure and connections have been completed as well as the modification drawings. All that is left is the installation.