Site Acquisition Services



  • Obtain all municipal, county or state right of way approvals as required
  • Negotiate leases based on preferred RF networks and at a reduced cost for small cell sites with MLA and non-MLA structure owners
  • Understand current market lease rates, all lease terms and work with legal and carriers on business term approvals
  • Support project tracking and scheduling requirements and maintain all project information and documentation
  • Facilitate communication meetings between internal organizations and project teams to drive successful projects along with support of the project manager and other project resources during the course of the project lifecycle
  • Assist in the data collection and validation efforts
  • Learn all customer processes and tools and support customer requirements
  • Work with internal team members and client to ensure regulatory requirements are met
  • Coordinate with landlords to provide access for A&E and obtain NTPs for construction
  • Extensive Wireless Site Acquisition Real Estate, zoning,  permitting and legal experience
  • Experience working with local municipalities to procure zoning approvals, encroachment, and building permits,
  • Attend all zoning hearings and answering questions from the public on project details.
  • Engaging with the in-house carrier attorneys on legal reviews
  • Work with all web-based project and document systems